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THERMO FIRES is a privately owned, proudly South African family business. With over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of braais and fireplaces, the name THERMO has become synonymous with one of the largest ranges of quality and custom products. As proof of our commitment to our product, Thermo is the only company to give a 20 years warranty against faulty workmanship..

Even with our vast range, we understand that some customers prefer or need a unique unit. We therefor have a crew specializing in custom-designed units.

In order for our customers to do one-stop-shopping we now also sell a couple of ranges of imported fireplaces and other local units to complement our own range.


Tired of braaiing outside on a concrete slab, balancing your rusty old grid on a stack of bricks, all while battling the elements? Come to Thermo Fires for one of the largest ranges of indoor braais. We manufacture both built-in and freestanding braais, spit braais, combination wood and gas braais, even double-sided braais. Install a Thermo braai and forget about smoke in the eyes! All our deLuxe braais are supplied with grade 304 stainless steel grids - because you deserve the best.


There is nothing as cosy and soothing, and creates an ambiance, like the dancing of flames and crackling of wood in an open fireplace!
Our factory-built metal fireplaces solve the smoky fireplace problem of out-dated masonry fireplaces, because they get hot and stay hot until the fire fades to a coal bed and goes out. All Thermo fireplaces have dampers as standard. Some of our ranges are available with glass doors, turning your unit into a slow-burner while giving unobstructed views of the flames.


At Thermo Fires we manufacture Stainless Steel Insulated Fluekits to fit imported closed-system (slow-combustion) fireplaces. Because these imported units are between 70% and 80% efficient, they give off a LOT more heat than an open fireplace, and can therefore not be safely installed with "normal" flue systems, since the heat can dry out the wooden structure of your roof and actually cause a fire. If you are installing a slow-combustion unit, insist on insulated flues - for your safety and your family's.


Even if we have one of the largest ranges of braais and fireplaces, we realize that some people need a special custom-made unit due to restrictions, or just simply because they have a specific need or picture in mind. We have a team dedicated to designing and manufacturing that special unit for you. This also includes special flues, cowls, canopies and replacement parts for those no-name units out there. Whatever your needs, speak to us for expert advice.

Built-in braais
1200mm mildsteel Professional Braai with stainless frame and door
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Built-in Fireplaces
850mm slow-burning built-in fireplace with glass doors
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Stainless fluekits
Stainless Steel Insulated Fluekits to fit most imported fireplaces
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Custom Fireplaces
Custom Vertical Fireplace
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About Company

Thermo Fires is a family-owned, proudly South African business. Here we design and manufacture one of the most diverse ranges of braais and fireplaces. We strive to bring our customers good-quality products at competitive prices, coupled with sound knowledge and a wealth of experience. Over 18 years, our name has become synonymous with one of the most extensive ranges of quality custom products. Our motto, “Leadership through Quality” embodies our vision to become the preferred supplier to the discerning architect, builder, and customer. Above all, we promise to be honest in all our dealings and provide reliable service at all times.

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