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.: Thermo Stainless Flue Kits

Stainless Steel Flue Kits

We have flue kits for most makes of imported closed-system fireplaces. We are also the preferred supplier for flues to Earthfire - manufacturers of ceramic fire pots.

Available in 409, 304 & 316 stainless steel on request.

The insulated flue makes for a safe installation even through a wooden ceiling. The insulation used in these flues is of the highest standard, safe up to 600° Celsius, and will prevent wood beams and rafters drying out and smouldering / catching alight. This is especially important when installing a closed-system fireplace as these units radiate an extreme amount of heat. 

Available in sizes:
125 Ø, 152 Ø and 180 Ø.

A standard flue kit consists of:
1 plain flue
1 insulated endcap flue
1 insulated flue
1 ceiling plate to fit insulated flue
1 cowl to fit insulated flue – your choice of a  cyclone or turbo cowl


.: Remember!

  • All flues available in 316 stainless steel on request
  • Also available: 45 & 90 degree bends, Angled ceiling plates and Wall brackets.
  • We send nationally and internationally.
  • Free delivery within a ten kllometer radius from factory in Stikland, Bellville
  • 20 years quality warranty against faulty workmanship
  • Excellent service for your peace of mind


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