.: Thermo Inserts


Do you already have a bult brick braai?

Want to convert to a steel braai?

We specialize in INSERT BRAAIS

- custom made to fit.

For a quotation, please take all required measurements , and fax or e-mail us for a quotation.

( Click here for printable drawing on what measurements are required. )

Please remember to take all measurements on 3 or more places, and give us the SMALLEST measurement.

For Example: measure the width at top, middle and bottom.


.: Remember!

  • All units are available in: mild steel, 3cr12, 304 & 316 on request or a combonation of materials.
  • We also spesializein custom built units
  • Products can be sent nation-wide.
  • Free delivery within a ten killometer raduis from factory
  • 20 years warrenty


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