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Stainless steel Canopy



At Thermo Fireplaces & Braais we have many years of experience in the manufacture of Canopies, also known as hoods or gathers. We can custom-make all square, rectangular, hexagon and octagon canopies.

Whether you want a mildsteel, powder-coated mildsteel or (any grade of) stainless steel canopy - we can help you.

All canopies can be made with either a top flue-outlet (whether top-middle, top-side or top-rear) or rear outlet (out the back). We can also advise you on the gather and chimney-size needed for optimal removal of smoke.

Should we consider a canopy to be inadequate to alleviate a problem, we can advise you on the addition of an extraction fan.


Mildsteel Octagon Canopy



Bronze Canopy


Extractor fan



* Can be used as a normal extractor fan when the fireplace is not lit. Not suitable for use with gas fires.

* Ball-bearing-mounted induction motor to withstand high temperatures (up to 200° C) for long periods of operation

* Advanced blade design reduces soot build up

* Complete with variable speed controller

* Weather-proof steel construction and anti-corrosion, polyester resin protection

* Supplied with steel safety cable for long-term anchoring of fan to the base

* Protection grille with steel safety, anti-bird rings

* Flue size needs to be at least 150 x 150 mm or 170 mm Ø. If smaller than this, the efficiency may be reduced

* Conforms with ISO 3744 for noise and pressure levels

* Manufactured in Italy  


  • All units are available in: mild steel, 3cr12, 304 & 316 on request.
  • We specialize in custom-built units
  • We send nationally and internationally.
  • Free delivery within a ten kilometer radius from factory
  • 20 Year quality warranty against faulty workmanship
  • Excellent service for your peace of mind

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